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Free MP3 Music

There was a time when music lovers had to go to brick-and-mortar stores to grab the latest LP of their favorite artist. At times, customers would even buy an album even if they only liked one song or would have to wait for the release of the single. Since the dawn of the digital age in music, with the creation of the MP3 format, new business models and marketing strategies have been tried by various record labels, artists and businesses. Free MP3 music is now everywhere-- not only in music stand, but all over the Internet.

Who gives away free MP3 music?

There are a lot of artists, record labels and online stores that offer free MP3 music for promotional purposes. Some bands and music artists allow free MP3 music downloads of a particular single on their official websites. Others have been successful in accumulating thousands of free MP3 music downloads. This gave them the chance to promote not only the single but also the album they are about to release through free MP3 music. Other bands and artists are even known to release both a limited edition CD/DVD and vinyl after offering free MP3 music to fans.

Numerous artists have been giving away free MP3 music. A common practice nowadays is that an artist would allow free MP3 music download of a song from an album so that people would get an idea of what the album would sound like.

Record labels have been known to rely on a lot on record sales to gain profit. But aside from the release of traditional CDs, record labels have been testing out a lot of new models and marketing strategies. Because of this, there have been a number of record labels that offers free MP3 music of their artists through quick and easy free MP3 music downloads.

Where do you get free MP3 music?

A consumer may get free MP3 music at online music stores and certain artist web pages. There also are online stores that allow you to sign up for a membership and give you a number of free MP3 music after your payment. Some online music stores may require you to pay certain fee or amount, which is consumable through free MP3 downloads. Other than the amount worth of MP3s, you may also be given up to 30 free MP3 music downloads. Online stores may have different policies regarding free MP3 music downloads.

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